Industrial Safety Council offers a full service and solution for Compliance and Verification Services for United States and Canadian contractors.  Before we can develop your safety policies and programs, your company will need to have a contractor account set up with ISNetworld®.   You can reach their office at (214) 303-4900 or (800) 976-1303 or visit their company website at

Once you have the contractor account set up, we do all the work for you after you fill out our customization form. We assess which specific chapters or sections are required for your company. We are able to obtain the information we need in order to create your individual safety programs that will be specific to your company for the Review and Verification Process.

Upon receipt of your company information, we are able to get your programs written, completed and uploaded within 24 hours. We also supply these programs for Avetta® (formerly PICS® Auditing) , PEC Premier® and other 3rd party review companies. After we create your safety programs we do all the work in uploading each program to your account. We also fill out the Self Review Questions for each required Review and Verification Program. Once this is complete we then submit your entire “Safety Program” for review.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your required safety programs please give us a call at 855.715.7233.